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We create hands-on learning opportunities grounded in intentional-community.

Ready to refresh your social muscles and build your academic skills?

Register for our FREE program for 2022-2023!*

Registration is open on a rolling basis, meaning we still have spots available before the end of the school year!

* Priority seats for students impacted by the foster care system, unstable housing, and/or lack of academic support.

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Find more information for our December 2022 Winter Trips below and fill out this interest form to sign-up!

Program Overview.

Why We Began:

After a year of distance-learning, in 2021, Seen52 launched Project re:Fresh to provide a completely different space where youth could “refresh” what it means to be a friend, a student, a community member, and most importantly, a valued human being.

We designed our program to meet the needs of youth impacted by the foster care system and/or are McKinney-Vento eligible, but are open to all youth. 

Here is what you can expect:

  • Deep hands-on projects,
  • Free food and swag
  • Homework / school support
  • New friends
  • Field trip opportunities

In addition, we offer  transportation support, and the opportunity to earn prizes for students who regularly attend.

Program Guidelines:

View our current Project re:Fresh Guidelines for 2022-2023 which includes:

  • Program Schedules for Oakland & Hayward
  • Community Code of Conduct
  • Safety & Emergency Procedures
  • Health Procedures

December 2022 Winter Program:

Explore the Bay with us this winter break! Fill out this form to participate.

Winter Trip Schedule:

  • Oakland: 12/19 – Oaktown Boulders + Sandwiches, 12/23 – Pizza + Christmas Tree Lane, 12/27 – Movie at Jack London
  • Hayward: 12/20 – Movie at Southland, 12/22 – Bowling + Pizza, 12/28 – Lake Chabot Pedal Boating + Sandwiches
  • Open to All: 12/21 – Glowfari, 12/30 – Union Square Ice Skating

Events are open to all youth and alumni, but transportation support available only for your registered location.
Hands-on Projects
Personalized coaching

Personalized Coaching.

Free food and snacks

Free Food & Snacks.

Location & Times.


750 International Blvd

Start Date: October 6, 2022

Mondays & Thursdays | 3:30-6:00PM


28200 Ruus Road

Start Date: October 5, 2022

Wednesdays | 2:00-6:00PM

Menu & Calendar.