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Register for our FREE program for 2021 – 2022!

Are you a middle or high schooler impacted by the foster care system, unstable housing, or other instability in Alameda County?

Register for our FREE program for 2021-2022!*

Registration is open on a rolling basis, meaning we still have spots available before the end of the school year!

* Priority seats for students impacted by the foster care system, unstable housing, and/or lack of academic support.

Transportation support available! Mark it in the registration form.

Program Overview.

Virtual Kick Off
September 2021.

Last year was super hard. This year we want to provide a completely different space where you can “refresh” what it means to be a friend, a student, a community member, and most importantly, a valued human being. Project re:Fresh is a new program launched by Seen52 for the ’21-’22 school year. We offer recreational, academic and team-building activities for middle and high school youth impacted by the foster care system and/or unstable housing. We currently manage two after-school programs, in Oakland and Hayward.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Cool hands-on projects,
  • Free food and swag
  • Get homework / school support
  • Meet new people
  • Saturday field trips
  • Support with transportation

In addition, we offer credit recovery options, transportation support, and the opportunity to earn prizes for students who regularly attend.

Hands-on Projects
Personalized coaching

Personalized Coaching.

Free food and snacks

Free Food & Snacks.

Location & Times.


750 International Blvd

June 6-29th

Monday-Friday | 9:30-3:30PM


28200 Ruus Road

July 5-22

Monday-Friday | 9:30-3:30pm

Menu & Calendar.